Adult Discipleship

TUMC offers several ways for adults to continue growing in their faith. We understand that everyone may be at different stages of their faith journey, just like a mountain climb; we use the analogy of the mountain to form classes and learning opportunities for all to learn and know God’s love in their own lives.

Survey the Mountain
Every climb begins at the base of the mountain – base camp. Potential climbers see the mountain, interact with the climbing team, and survey the journey. Questions arise. Interaction with fellow potential climbers and those already climbing becomes a key factor in their choice to embark on the climb or not. Camp is where waters are tested and exploration is celebrated.

Embark on the Climb
We continue to celebrate exploration as potential climbers choose to embark on the climb. The angle of the climb begins to grow a bit steeper, but our team is with us. Climbers begin to learn to identify and use the basic tools of climbing as we grow accustomed to the life of a climber. The Slope is where new climbers get oriented, and where long-time climbers become reoriented.

Find the Footholds
The crag can get rocky. It’s getting steep and more jagged. Air continues to thin, and climbing takes some hard work. While these obstacles can be tricky, we know it’s time to find those footholds that keep us grounded, and hold on for dear life. We rely more and more on our team and the belay that softly but surely guides our way upward. When we slip, the belay catches us; our teammates pull us up, and we reach back to pull another up with us. We’re still exploring; we’re keeping our climbing tools sharp; we’re pressing onward past obstacles, pushing ourselves to what may seem like our limits.

Reach New Heights
The crest goes higher and deeper. Obstacles remain, but climbers on the Crest remain sure-footed and grounded in our footholds and our team; we even become the anchor for those who may not be as far along as we are. The crest is where things start to get even steeper. Exploration and pushing ourselves and others to new heights becomes a joy. We can look back at our journey and identify the difficult times, the easier times, the sorrowful times, and the joyful times. We can see how the belay and our team formed us, and we’re inspired to be that for others along the way. The crest is where we start talking about sacrifice. About sharpening our tools and passing them on. About looking beyond the climb for ourselves, and looking out and around to bring others along the journey of a lifetime.

Ascend the Peak
The top of the mountain is a glorious sight. On the summit, there’s perspective. Clarity. A sense of accomplishment, meaning, and gratitude for the climb. It was all worth it: the slips, the falls, the rocky terrain, even the drifts. It will always be worth it. The sun shines on climbers’ faces, and we know what matters. It’s all become clear, and our lives will never be the same.

Learning Opportunities

Life Groups
Life Groups are intentional Christian communities that meet to grow closer to God and to each other. The purpose of Life Groups is to provide an environment where participants experience authentic community and spiritual growth through relationships, authenticity, confidentiality, and respect. Life Groups pray for and support one another, but they also study a curriculum to learn more about God. There are two 6-week Life Group Launches throughout the year–during Lent and the beginning of the school year. Some Life Groups choose to continue after the six week launch.

Discipleship Classes
Discipleship Classes usually offered after the Life Group launch. They may include classes on the Old/New Testaments, Methodism, spiritual disciplines, or social issues. These classes are announced through the weekly bulletin and email, social media, and the website.

Special Events
There will be special events like an all-church worship night or a lunch and learn two times per semester. These will also be announced through the weekly bulletin, email, social media, and the website.


Kirsten Robinson
Director of Adult & Youth Discipleship