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All Church Goals

Discipleship Pathway

Foundations of the Future


Serve 2017

Christian Education

Mentor a Youth

Meet regularly with an assigned youth to guide them in their faith

Provide a meal for Youth Group

Teach Sunday School

Join our teaching team for our Children’s or Adult Sunday School classes.

Volunteer with the Youth Group.


Cafe Host

Serve in Connections Cafe.


Greet on a Sunday morning.


Traditional Music

We are especially looking for piano and organ players!

Praise Band

Sing or play an instrument in the praise band at the contemporary worship services.

Ring in our Bell Choir

Play handbells at the traditional worship service.

Sing in the Choir


Run the Slides

Run the Sound System


Give the Childrens Message

Lead Traditional Liturgy

Prepare the stage for worship

Read Scripture

Read our scripture passage during a worship service.

Serve Communion

Serve the juice and bread during communion at a worship service.

Set up Communion

Setup communion stations and coordinate communion server volunteers.



Assist with repairs and improvements

Help through light maintenance and facility repair.

Serve on a ministry team

Be a member of a team or committee at our church

Got an idea that is not on the list? Tell us about it!

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