Employment Opportunity

Care Quest is in search of a Part-Time Assistant Teacher for the 2018-2019 School Year. We are looking for someone who is caring, patient, reliable and loves working with children. Must pass a Background check, obtain CPR First Aid training certificate, current Health Assessment and negative TB test. You must complete continuing professional development training as required by the state. Experience preferred but willing to train the right person. Please email resumes to carequestchildcare@gmail.com Attention Malissa Walker. Applications are also available Monday-Friday 9a-12p in the church office at 328 E 4th St.


Little Quest Adventurers Tiny Quest Explorers
Age 4 & 5 years old 3 years and older
Date Mon/Wed/Fri
9:30am to 2:30pm
9:30am to 2:30pm
Cost $290/month
$50 one-time enrollment fee
$50 one-time enrollment fee

Our Typical Day

Free Time
As children arrive each day and place their backpacks and coats in their cubbies they will then proceed to wash their hands and place their names on the wall to show they are at School. Children then are free to play with the available toys around the room. This is a great- hands on learning time for children.

Circle Time
Circle time is when children learn our academics, including the Animated Alphabet. Each child will have a chance to have a “job” each day on a regular basis.

Each month children will have a chance to bring in an item to share with the class. A monthly calendar will be sent home.

Snack Time
Care Quest provides a nutritional snack each day. Children are also offered water with their snack. Alternate snacks can be provided for allergies. Please let the Director know.

Center Time
Children are broken into small groups and will rotate to different developmentally appropriate centers. This time is valuable for trying out ideas and working on developmental hands on skills.

Group Time
At group time we split into two groups and use a variety of methods to work academically. We complete a color sheet for each Animated Alphabet, we work on a number and letter sheet for that week, write with shaving cream, work on our theme for the week and other hands-on activities to focus on academics in a fun way.

Lunch Time
Each child will bring a lunch from home each day at Care Quest. Please have food cut and placed in a lunch box with an ice pack ready to eat. Milk and water will be provided to the children.

Outdoor play
We will play on the playground after lunch and at the end of the day as weather permits. This allows a chance for sharing, large motor skills and physical fitness.

Stretch N Grow
Coach Sacha comes each week for 30 minutes to work on large motor, and physical fitness with the children. Sacha comes and teaches physical fitness to the Little Quest Learners class. Tennis Shoes are required each week to participate in Stretch N Grow.

Story Time
Each Day at Care Quest a child will be assigned the job of a Librarian. Books are changed monthly and usually go along with our themes and Holiday’s for the month. The children are welcome to read books during free time as well.

Movement & Music
We love to move! Each day we will play kid appropriate and bible songs that get the children moving and grooving.

Rest Time
Each Day at Care Quest we will have a quiet rest time at the end of the day. We ask that the children rest as they are not required to sleep. Rest time is for an hour each day. After 40 minutes if children are still awake one of the teachers will take the children outside to play (weather permitting) or inside play away from the resting children. Care Quest will provide a mat and sheet for each child to lay on. Parents are to send in a pillow and blanket that will be stored in a separate Ziploc bag for each child. The items are sent home each month to be washed and returned the next School Day. Children may bring a stuffed animal to snuggle with.

Spiritual Growth
Each day a new Bible story will be presented. Christian songs will also be taught each week. We do say a prayer together each day before lunch. We learn a new prayer each month.

Teacher/Student ratio
We have a limit of 15 children per day in each class. Two teachers will be in the Little Quest Learners class each day. Three teachers will be in the Tiny Quest Learners class each week.

Field Trips
We will take Field Trips throughout the year. We will need parent volunteers to transport children.

Each class will perform in Care Quest Sunday. The children learn songs throughout the year and will sing at the two church services. Each year in May we have a Graduation for the kids heading to Kindergarten. Children will sing songs we have been practicing throughout the year and receive Diplomas and Awards. Each year we will have a closing program for the Tiny Quest Learners. Children will sing songs that we have learned throughout the year and receive Awards.



Malissa Walker
Director of Care Quest